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A Magic WordPress Plugins That Changed Everything About Blogging… Generate Fresh Content, Traffics and Earn $1000 Cash on Autopilot

Get The Magic Plugins To Dramatically Transform Your Blogs To Easy Money Making Machine!

Dear Blogger,

I just quickly want to get an urgent message across to you. If you can spare a few minutes to read every word of this page you’re going to discover a new time-saving WordPress plugins . This plugin will shockingly transform your blogging experience, skyrocket your traffic and make you more money from every WordPress site you have – with few clicks.


“A Magic WordPress Plugin That Changed Everything About Blogging…”


WP Simplicity Add Posts Affiliate Add-on Plugin!

Simply enter your affiliate ID for programs like, Ebay, Clickbank and more and this plugin will “scrape” products and automatically add them to posts with your affiliate ID already embedded!
Earn $1000 Cash On Autopilot !

  • You Do Not Need To buy any other auto blogging tools
  • You Do Not Need To spend more time to set up blogs
  • You Do Not Need To hire any freelancer to write posts for you
  • You Do Not Need To spend hours and hours creating content
  • You Do Not Need To worry about content duplication or copyright issues
  • You Do Not Need To spend hours installing plugins one by one
  • You Do Not Need To bother with search engine optimization
  • You Do Not Need To work very hard blogging for real cash at all!

You can take the easy path to successful blogging online. Just select a few options on your blog and see the transformation happening in real time.

Only Moments After You Start To Use This Plugin, You Will Never Regret Landing on This page…

 True “one-click” installation, You can add loads and loads of popular plugins.

One-click automatic set up of preset search engine friendly permalinks for the purpose of search engine optimization (SEO) and Automatically lays out and configures the basic pages such as About us, Contact us, Privacy policy and Sitemap. All with instant content! Total control over content posted on your blogs. You decide, plan, manage or edit your blog content and the layout you prefer which boosts your site rankings and position in the search engines.

Create automated, targeted posts that are relevant to the niche you are promoting by in-putting a single keyword. It generates keyword rich articles from which you can simply select which content you want to use.

Create video posts for any targeted keyword/keyword phrase of your choice. You can have WP Simplicity insert video posts from YouTube with the video title and/or descriptions using your targeted keywords. Instant contents creation with on-topic photos and images.

Easily promote products from Clickbank and earn cool affiliate commission. With this plugin, you can enhance your posts by promoting Clickbank products related to your blog niche with your Clickbank ID. Products can be selected using different criteria such as gravity, popularity, keyword relevance, etc.

Earn commission with Amazon products and Ebay. You can easily create posts with as many Amazon products as you want with the keyword/keyword phrase you choose and earn commission for every sale made from your referral.

Insert news about your blog niche. You can post latest news relating to your niche at any time of the day on your blog with this transforming plugin. You don’t need to worry about copyright issues. WP Simplicity grabs contents which are allowed to be republished by its creators (public domain) from official API programs!

One-Time Affiliate Link Set up. All product links from Clickbank, Amazon and Ebay are pre-loaded and populated with your affiliate links – so every time someone clicks through and buys something you will earn a commission.

It’s Quick and Easy to install... You don’t need to be a technical expert and it installs in minutes! Extremely Easy to Manage User Friendly Backend. WP Simplicity comes with user-friendly backend that you can familiarize yourself with. No more waiting to access your user guide. You will start configuring and setting up your blog instantly after installation of the plugin. You don’t need any technical knowledge or background to manage the backend. And much more…

In fact, this plugin is quite unique, dynamic and revolutionary! It’s just too simple.

Also Get Other Best Plugins Below


 Wp No Escape Plugin

Generate Non-Stop Traffic Using This Powerful New Plugin For Your WordPress Blog…Get More Visitors, Subscribers, and Sales When You Use It!”
Take Advantage Of Your Exit Traffic With UNBLOCKABLE Exit Technology That Converts Like Crazy!
Put An Exit Pop Up On Any/Every Page And/Or Post On Your Blog With A Few Clicks…



 The Best Free Plugins For Internet Marketing

This Plugin Will Help You Make Money Instantly, add affiliate link  by keyword.
STEP 1 : Simply choose a keyword or keyword phrase that you wish to convert to an affiliate link.
STEP 2 : Hunt out your affiliate link and paste it into the space provided.
STEP 3 : Head over to your blog and watch as EVERY ONE of those keyword phrases is linked directly to your affiliate link!
STEP 4 : Rinse and repeat for as many keywords or keyword phrases as you want!




Micro-Membership Plug-In “Turn Your Word Press Blog Into A Money Grabbing Membership Site”

Fully Automated Membership System Micro-Membership fully automates your membership system from the user registration to confirmation of payment and account activation. Micro-Membership integrates with the subscription and notification services of both PayPal and ClickBank to fully automate the subscription billing and payment process.  Micro-Membership generates the required PayPal or ClickBank “Subscribe” buttons on the fly, so you don’t need to add or change any WordPress code.

Fast Activation & Install Micro-Membership installs just like any other WordPress plugin.  You can use use WordPress’s Manual installation process or you can install “the old way” – using FTP to place the plugin in your WordPress plugins directory.

Three (5)  Membership Levels Micro-Membership creates and manages three payment levels:
·         Free – the user has registered thru WordPress but has chosen not to pay for a subscription
·         Standard – the user has paid for the “standard” subscription
·         Premium – the user has pain for a “premium” level subscription
·         Executive – the user has paid for an “executive” level subscription
·         Elite – the user has paid for an “elite” level subscription
You don’t have to implement all five subscription levels; for example, you may only use the “Paid” subscriptions.  That’s fine – Micro-Membership still works great.

Start Your Own Affiliate Program Micro-Membership fully integrates with ClickBank allowing you to recruit an army of ClickBank affiliates to promote and send traffic to your membership site.
Micro-Membership is everything you have been looking for in a Word Press membership site manager plug in without the hefty price tag.




Grab the brand new, fully functional “WordPress Paypal Button Generator” plugin and start using it within minutes.
Just imagine being able to use your mouse to make a few clicks and setup a shopping cart or a simple buy now Paypal button inside WordPress. It really is that simple

Fast Action Bonus


How To Write A Product Review That Makes Money!

Learn how to write money making product review to share with your subscribers, web visitors and 2.0 social networks. It’s a very quick read, and the kind of thing that you can put into action with a day. Get right into it and you could create some really good cash with all the product launches coming up.

How To Transfer A WordPress Blog

In this “special bonus” I will learn the process with the step-by-step tutorial (6 videos) that will show you how to transfer a blog from one server to another manually using free tools:
- Backup your blog
- Backup your database
- Create a new database
- Transfer your database
- Transfer your WordPress files
- Restore all of it on a new server

All Best Plugins Is Inexpensive And Affordable

All Plugins above  comes with:

ONE-TIME payment
Unlimited installation on WordPress sites
NO recurring monthly payment
NO hidden fees
NO limitation to the usage of the plugin.
NO charge for each installation
NO membership registration required.
NO technical knowledge is needed. Absolutely none.
This powerful plugin will never let you down! It is compatible with all WordPress versions!

You can get your hands on WP Simplicity and All Best Plugins RIGHT NOW for a small one time only payment of just…. !


So What Are You Waiting For? Order Now and Put Yourself on the Fast Track to Blogging Success! In fact, All off this plugins is quite unique, dynamic and revolutionary!

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